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Tea Time With Tammie

Welcome to my channel. 1st of all I am Tammie. A pleasure to virtually meet you.

Who am I, and what is my channel about...

Well I am an adventure seeker, a world traveller, a dancer, a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, wife, and most importantly a Lover of Life


I want to show through my videos, that we are not limited by funds or current events. With some creativity and imagination, we can go anywhere. We can live a fun life, make the best of things and create magic for ourselves and the people around us.


Right now, I am inspired by travel, so a big portion of my channel is centred around the concept of armchair travelling. I figured that since I cannot go out travelling, that travelling will have to come to me. Every week I get to pretend to live like a local in a different country.


This journey started as an idea, an outlet to help me through this lockdown and to take my mind outside of my current circumstance. And every day, I find new ways to experience joy and to smile.


The opportunity to share myself and my laughter with others mean a lot to me. When my family or friends, who I cannot physically see right now, tell me that they smile or laugh when they tune in to Tea Time with Tammie, this makes me so very happy.


Finally, Tea Time with Tammie is as much a love diary for myself as well as others. I want when it is my time to leave this life, that I can look back at these videos and laugh at myself and say....That was fun, I had a good time, we should do that again.


Where do we go next...I don't know. There is a whole wide world out there to explore. Every country has something beautiful to experience, we just have to find it.


So let us do it together....Where do you want to go?