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We always love to hear from fans, members and anyone else that wants to give us a shout! We especially want to hear from Content Creators!


Our office is Virtual!


  • Why Can't I Watch The Video's?
    You are required to register an account with our site to have access to our library. Registration can be done through Twitter, Facebook or using your E Mail address and is only required once. Once registration is approved you will be granted access to view all of our free content.
  • I subscribed at the bottom of the site and still can't watch - why?
    Subscribing to the "Exclusive Content" at the bottom of each page is a seperate registration and does not grant access to the video's. This is for Pride London Network to reach out to with promotions, news and other "exclusive content" offered from our partners and content creators. Subscribers recieve this information and access where others will not.
  • Is there a limit to how many hours or videos I can watch?
    There are no limits! Watch when you want, how you want & how often you want with no restrictions!
  • Will I be Paid?
    Pride London Network is part of Pride London Festival - a not for profit organization focused on our LGBTT2QSIA community. For this reason ; our ability to offer compensation to each creator is limited and is not available at this time. Please see "How Can I Make Money?" for compensation and creative controls
  • How Can I Make Money?
    There are a number of ways to make additional income. Subscribtions to your channel can be created to create something similar to users paying to access either parts or all of your show(s). You can offer additional paid content including but not limited to event tickets, merchandise, music, video's, art, zines, pdf documents, cameo style video's, shout outs and anything else you can think of and we can agree to (legally!) The page that showcases you can be designed to feature you how you want! When you provide entertainment or education (or both) to our audience you are not only reaching our community in the best way and safest way possible but you are also providing an ability to place yourself in markets you may not have considered in the past. As a regular contributer you can access (various levels) of analytics and have one on one chats with us to help you improve your presence on the site.
  • How do I upload my content?
    Please visit our upload page at and fill out the required information.
  • I don't have a Content Creator Agreement - Can I still upload content?
    Yes! We are seeking to shine a light on everyone in our community and we encourage you to show us and the World your best! This may mean that you don't have a plan to create an on-going program and would just like to shine with a performance - we love that! Content Creator agreements are generated for creators seeking to make content on a regular basis.
  • What are the requirements for my content?
    Video should be recording in Landscape mode (sideways) on Phones and should be at 1080p resolution or higher (most phones offer this or 4K). Audio should be 320kbs (CD quality) - we suggest a direct audio line feed into a mixer or computer to ensure the best audio sound.
  • How many video's can I upload at once?
    One at a time.
  • Can I submit someone else's content or work?
    No. You must be the owner of the content. You may provide covers , Drag Performances and DJ sets - however you may never upload another creators content and claim it as your own
  • Is Music by other artists I perform or use covered?
    When streaming only music through Mixcloud platform - Yes. Replays are available through the audio feature (Pride London Radio) If the music is part of a performance - Twitch, Mixcloud and Pride London Network will all host the content.
  • Can I Sell my music/artwork or tickets here?
    Yes! If you are content creator or someone who is interested in connecting with our community we now offer an ability for you to sell your work. Subscribers to our site get "first glimpse" access while the content can be sectioned off at a cost you set to access. This includes whole shows (paid), merchandise and anything else. A Content Creator agreement is required for this.
  • I have a compliment, idea or suggestion for your host how do I reach them?"
    Some of our Content Creators have a direct email connected to Pride for you to reach out to. Click on the show you wish to contact and under the show description on the right hand side should be a Contact Host button. If one does not exisit please reach out to us at and we will put you in touch!
  • I registered, was approved but still can't watch?"
    Please try to hit your refresh button as your computer may still be reading the old informaiton. If this does not work please reach out using our Chat system
  • All I see is a White screen on the Upload page - why?
    We use Google Forms for our upload section, this requires you to have a Google account (gmail) for you to log in and use the form properly. Gmail is free and can be used for the sole purpose of uploading content to us. You may be required to log out and back in, hitting your refresh button once doing so to see the screen properly.
  • Who Owns Pride London Network?
    Pride London Network is owned by Pride London Festival and operated by the all volunteer board. Pride London Festival is a London Ontario based Non-for-profit focusing on the LGBTT2QSIA+ community and our membership.
  • Does anyone on the Pride London Board make money from this site?
    No. All work done by the Pride London Festibal board is volunteer based and no one is able to recieve compensation for their work.
  • Who came up with this and why?
    The President of Pride London Festival (2021) - Stephen D'Amelio ; with assitance, direction and work from the entire Pride London Festival Board of Directors Pride London Network was created and launched on December 24th 2020. We launched this service in an effort to showcase our community's past, present and future to the World while creating a video platform for both our members and the community at large to engage with us year round while respecting COVID restrictions.
  • I am a member of Pride London Festival and want to know exactly how much Pride is spending on this - How do I find that information?
    All members have access to Pride London Festival's financials and upon request can be made available to them. Members must be in good standing (active) and are not permitted to share this information with non members.
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