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Home For The Holidays

1h 18min   |   Language and some adult themes   |  Poster Design : Haus Of Envy

Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, cozy up to your spouse, partner, pet or stuffed animal and enjoy an hour of entertaining performances for the Holidays!

Performances by : Willie Wisp, Hudsin Baye, Litllith Knox, Rita Book, Lyanna, Jessie James, Miss Shaneen,Elixxirr, Cherri Jasmine , Dulce/Mandela , Lita Von Sleaze, Leo Fire,Robin Casino ,Phoenix Black,,Misery Madness ,Mrs. Chastity Cage,Maple Queef ,Galaxy Rose,Eve Hill and Roxy Rhymes . Appearances from : Madonna, Tom Cruise, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, Eric Knight, Anna Lee, Amanda Pearson, Petra Donati and Stephen D'Amelio

Pride London Festival Home For The Holidays 2020
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